Looking for the best and most natural Botox results?

Our Satellite Beach dentist, Sweta Gunnell, is Botox certified. Offering expertly placed injectables, she uses her extensive training in the muscles of the face and mouth to provide soft and natural outcomes. Her patients love their results!

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Are you surprised that Hibiscus Dental offers BOTOX in Satellite Beach? Wondering why a dentist would offer BOTOX?  This brings cosmetic dentistry services to a whole new, more complete level!

BOTOX is primarily used in the face, around your eyes and mouth areas to help relieve muscle tension stress and the wrinkles associated with them. BOTOX is a trusted product, administered over 7 million times a year and has been in the market for over 15 years.

Dentists are focused on making sure you maintain a healthy smile that makes you feel good. You can benefit from your dentist’s extensive musculoskeletal training and awareness to expertly place injectables properly to reduce frown lines and the look of aging with BOTOX.

Injectables can be muscle relaxants or other types of collagen fillers. They can be used to reduce lines and wrinkles, adjust a crooked pulling smile, and also to lightly fill areas where volume is decreased. Injectables can certainly brighten up your smile and face when applied correctly.

When you first hear that you can be treated with BOTOX for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes at your dentist’s office, you may feel surprised. Considering a few facts about your dentist and cosmetic dentistry services, it’s actually a very natural fit. Your cosmetic dentist has years of experience working with facial muscles and is familiar with your smile and the administration of the Botox product.
• Dentists are trained doctors and well-practiced in the facial musculoskeletal systems.
• Dentists precisely understand your face and mouth muscles.
• Dentists are trained and experienced at using BOTOX to treat dental problems like TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorders and reducing fatigue of teeth clenching with the use of  BOTOX.
• Your dentist is already a trusted and knowledgeable provider of BOTOX for multiple facial needs.

Just like other physicians who are licensed and trained in providing injections, dentists are health care practitioners who deliver professional health and wellness services to patients. In fact, our very own Dr. Sweta Gunnell received her certificate for completed training from AAFE to offer BOTOX to patients as a stand-alone service or as a compliment to cosmetic dentistry.

There’s never been a better time to learn more about how BOTOX from Hibiscus Dental may be able to help you keep and maintain your beautiful smile!

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