Healthy Mouths Need Affordable, Preventative Care

Hibiscus Dental offers an affordable option for self-pay patients to maintain preventative dental care and receive dental services at reduced costs all year long.

Our Healthy Mouth Dental Savings Plan acts as an alternative to traditional dental insurance that often has a high-cost with low-benefits.

Some of the great points of our in-house dental savings plan are:

  • Affordable plans; a single plan up to any size family
  • Discounts on services begin immediately when you purchase your plan (no waiting period)
  • Discounts valid during purchased-plan’s year
  • No monthly fee each month
  • No approvals from insurance carriers to get the discounts or services
  • Cheaper than the average dental insurance plan per year
  • Qualified medical expense under most Health Savings Plans

For the health of your mouth, give us a call or come in to see us! We can answer any additional questions!

We Support Your Best Smile!